About us

CureTrawell is your healthcare consultant who implements the values of health tourism on the sanctity of human life and combines them in common benefit. What transforms our idea into action is our experience and knowledge about the health sector.

CureTrawell is a service that helps patients meet medical opportunities and be treated in any medical specialty.

CureTrawell offers better quality care, shorter waiting times and affordable treatment options.

CureTrawell supports your health journey in the CureTrawell network with hundreds of reliable hospitals and clinics, thousands of specialists and a team that is available 24/7.

As CureTrawell, we bring you together with reliable healthcare providers and cooperate with internationally accredited institutions.

We bring together those who want to improve their health, and those who offer treatment opportunities and help improve health in a global network.

CureTrawell facilitates and improves people’s access to healthcare worldwide.

CureTrawell is an easy-to-use service platform that helps patients easily get their medical opinions and plan affordable, high-quality medical treatment time abroad and cure their problems.

CureTrawell brings healthcare hospitals, clinics, thermal hotels and similar businesses to people around the world.