Aiming to provide medical services at international standards, Ankara Güven Hospital, established in 1973, presents a harmony requirements of modern medicine as well as years of experience.

High-quality services that we provide in all aspects increase the number of our patients and demands, and therefore our responsibility that we carry for our patient increases. Our story, which began as a small hospital in 1973, has reached a large general hospital concept with our 1600 personnel consisting of specialist physicians, nurses and auxiliary healthcare staff, 254 beds, 12 operating theatres in 40.000 square meter area. The pride of achievements motivates us to go further on and raise the bar for the future.

We carry on our path as we always keep in mind that our priority is the TRUST that our patients feel…


We provide the highest quality healthcare services affectionately and meticulously with respect for human dignity, with passion for perfection while adding value to our work day after day; we aim to create a TURKISH BRAND

To spring the mind first and say the last word when providing healthcare services in Turkey and in nearby countries…


  • In the countries where we operate
  • Starting from prenatal care, until the last moment of life
  • In sickness and in health
  • In the light of modern medical practices
  • With personalized and holistic approach
  • In accordance with Güven Values
  • By using the pioneer the information technologies
  • With participative management approach
  • We make the protection and treatment of physical and mental health Perfect and Sustainable


  • We Bring the Outcomes with Devoutness and Determination
  • We Work With Devotion
  • We Invest In Development for Change
  • We make a difference based on human values


Güven hospital has been accredited four times by JCI (Joint Commission International), first in 2008, next in 2011, 2014 and then in 2017, which aims to determine, implement and maintain terms that aim to increase patient safety and service quality as well as to create a safe environment for the patients and minimize the risks for the patient and the healthcare personnel.

The Accreditation of JCI is accepted as an international quality evaluation and management organization. The Accreditation of JCI aims to provide safety and quality culture in healthcare facilities and to continuously improve healthcare services and results.