Memorial Healthcare Group, shaping Turkish healthcare industry, a reference center in the international arena with its scientific and medical achievements, is now in the Capital City…

Memorial Ankara Hospital serves as the healthcare base of the region with its  departments that become prominent in the world as a reference center, its academic faculty that is comprised of specialist physicians, its patient-oriented service approach, its diagnosis and treatment facilities with the most advanced medical technology in Turkey, its modern architecture and brand new healthcare approach.

A global hospital combining science and technology

The heart of Turkey now pounds in Ankara thanks to the 10th hospital of Memorial Group, a pioneer of the “firsts” of in healthcare.

One of the biggest private hospitals in the capital with its 42,000 square meters of closed area, Memorial Ankara Hospital also becomes prominent with its superior technological infrastructure.

With its 230 bed capacity, of which 60 are in intensive care units; MR and CT rooms designed with “Ambience technology” to provide comfort to the patients during scanning, world-class Coronary Intensive Care, General Intensive Care, CVS Intensive Care and Neonatal Intensive Care units, Digital Coronary Angiography room, Angiography service, full-fledged 11 operating rooms and 63 polyclinics, Memorial Ankara is designed as a world-class hospital. LED lamps used in the operating rooms that comply with the international standards, and where latest sterilization techniques are used, bring more comfort for the patient and operator thanks to their features such as adjustment of light color according to the characteristics of the operation and prevention of heat radiation.

Patients are much less exposed to radiation during operation thanks to the 256-sliced Computerized Tomography (CT) device. State-of-the-art MR device with a diameter of 70 cm, which is wider than the standard MR device, provides great comfort especially for the patients with claustrophobia. Memorial Ankara Hospital also has an MR-compliant anesthetic device.