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  • What is Second Opinion?

    A second opinion is a full assessment of your medical history, diagnosis, and treatment plan by a medical professional. The counseling doctor will confirm your diagnosis and treatment or suggest an alternative diagnosis and / or treatment plan. This doctor may recommend that you pass additional diagnostic tests. Research has shown that between 20% and 60% of patients have a diagnosis or treatment plan change after their second opinion.
  • When should I get a second opinion?

    We believe you always have the right to request a second opinion. Generally speaking, patients demand a second opinion when they do not determine their diagnosis or if the treatment options are complex, risky, or unpleasant. In particular, you may consider a second opinion: – when your doctor recommends major surgery – when you are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness – when you are diagnosed with a rare disease or prescribe a long-term prescription – about your uncertain condition or diagnosis – your doctor is not sure about your recommends treatment option.
  • Who are the medical experts who gave me the second opinion?

    Second opinion doctors are the best specialists in the specialty field. They work in their best hospitals, do clinical research to lead diagnosis and treatments, lead leaders in professional associations, and teach at top medical universities.
  • How is the second opinion provided and how long does it take?

    Once you submit your request and complete your medical file, the second opinion will be sent back to you within 48 hours. To ensure that this process is done for you as quickly as possible, the experienced (and friendly!) Care Team will assist you in preparing a medical case history. Then the medical specialist will review your problem and write a second opinion. Once complete, you will receive an email notification and PDF version of your second opinion. We would also be happy to send the second thought to you by mail if you wish.

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