Why Curetrawell

Why should I come to CureTrawell instead of contacting the clinic directly?

Why CureTrawell

We are with you at every stage

We are aware of the difficulties of receiving health care in a foreign culture in another country. For this reason, we accompany them at every stage of their treatment to ensure that our patients feel that they are always “at home” and never alone. With CureTrawell, we guarantee a safe and stress-free medical journey.

Why CureTrawell

The most suitable hospital and doctor

CureTrawell helps you to find the most suitable hospital / clinic and doctor for your treatment among hundreds of well-certified, well-equipped hospitals / clinics and doctors. You do not depend on a single hospital / clinic or doctor both in terms of treatment and cost.

Why CureTrawell

Best price and best service

It offers you the right to evaluate and select the hospital / clinic and doctor, guarantees you to get the best quality service in terms of cost, there is no place for bad surprises. With CureTrawell, you can get the treatment service you can get at the health server you set at a much more affordable price.

Why CureTrawell

Inside and outside of the hospital

We are with you outside the hospital, we take care of your requests and we ensure that the relatives of the patients spend quality time.

You can reach us anytime via Whatsapp

We are ready to answer every question you have in mind