Why Turkey?

Turkey, not only by geographical location or developed infrastructure with health organizations have also grown in the sector, educated workforce, advanced infrastructure technically in the health field, to have one of Europe’s most important geothermal resources, history and natural beauty, rich cultural heritage and low costs It has an important potential to carry itself to the leading position in the field of health tourism.

• Turkey attaches great importance to all kinds of health tourists from abroad and is determined to provide assurance about safe travel.
• Turkey has a national airline, Turkish Airlines, that provides access from the most flight destinations in the world. Turkey is very easy to fly.
• The clinics and hospitals in Turkey are modern and well-equipped in terms of technological infrastructure at a level that can compete with Europe. The most advanced equipment and the latest treatment methods in the field are applied.
• Turkey is the regional leader in the infrastructure of Training and Research Hospitals.
• Turkey has the highest number of health facilities in Europe with JCI accreditation.
• There is a nice climate over 4 seasons in Turkey.
• Advanced quality healthcare, accommodation, and hospitality services are offered.
• Turkey has a lot of senior doctors who specialise in their field and health system and qualified medical staff is available in the country.
• Health services in Turkey is much more economical compared to other developed European countries. It has a significant cost advantage.